exclusive collaboration Pond  x MALCOLM GREENWOOD ceramics

Introducing our new collaboration with ceramicist Malcolm Greenwood who has created a limited-edition bespoke range of tableware, exclusively for Pond. 


Malcolm (one of our favourite Mosman locals} creates custom ceramic designs and tableware for Australia's prestige hotels and top restaurants including Park Hyatt Sydney, Aqua Dining, Ormeggio, Bennelong, Bathers Pavilion and Nomad, and we couldn't be more thrilled to be added to this esteemed list.


Malcolm's work has also featured in most of Australia’s leading design and style magazines, food magazines and in the books of several of Australia’s leading chefs. Now, his limited-edition tableware is available exclusively at Pond.


5 minutes with Malcolm Greenwood 

We had a chat with Malcolm about how the Pond collaboration came about and his inspiration for all his ceramics... 

How did the Pond collaboration come about? I've worked with Liz from Pond over the past years {our daughters are friends} and she approached me with her ideas about this new range. We've worked together on it, taking into consideration Liz's style and colour ideas, with me contributing to the shapes and glazes.

Where do you get inspiration for your work? Like many potters, I get most of my inspiration from nature.  The colours, textures and shapes in nature are so awe-inspiring.

What’s your favourite range to date? I don’t really have a favourite range as such. I still enjoy making most pieces. Teapots and large numbers of cups can get a bit tedious.  When new ideas and directions come together, like the Pond range, these become favourites for a while.

What pieces do you personally use? We get to use all the rejects and prototypes.

How do you think your work has evolved? Having been working in clay for so long (40 odd years) my work has possibly developed more freedom and simplicity.  This has probably come through the skill development resulting from endless hours working with clay 

Where are you most proud to see your work? There are many restaurants around Australia where I have made all the tableware, it still blows me away to see all the customers eating from my work in these venues.

Do you still have any of the first pieces you created? One small celadon bowl made in 1977 I think.

What do you consider your must-have pieces? Any piece that a customer gets enjoyment from using on a daily basis.


Malcolm Greenwood tableware {available instore}
Lumio napkins
Brass Coasters
Forged Butter Knife and Teaspoon
Brass Matchbox

September 01, 2019 by POND BOUTIQUE