How To Look Good When You’re Travelling

 8 expert tips to have you looking amazing when you land in your dream destination...

* At the beginning of your flight, separate your hair into three sections—one in back and one on each side of your head—and create three loose braids. When you land, just take them out and you’ll have a great textured look.

* If you have curly hair that frizzes up after rubbing against the headrest, just go in the bathroom and dampen it with a little water. This will re-activate any products you put in your hair at home, and you’ll be able to re-style with your fingers.

* Fight oil. Bring along some baby powder or dry shampoo. That way, if your hair gets greasy, you can just comb a little through.

* Drink lots of water, and avoid alcohol, caffeine because they are diuretics.

* Try not to apply makeup for your plane ride – and as soon as you get in your seat, apply a moisturising cream. Two good ingredients in moisturisers are hyaluronic acid and glycerin; they don’t irritate and they hydrate without making skin oily. Reapply the cream several times if you are on a long flight.

* Don’t eat in-flight pretzels or chips; No salt! And keep eye cream samples with you … you can even ask your flight attendant for a cup of ice to keep your eye cream chilled and right before you land, put cold eye cream under your eyes. Look for eye cream with anti-inflammatory ingredients (like coffee berry, licorice, soy). The coldness of the cream will help with puffiness. If you forget to bring your eye cream, or accidentally checked it in, ask your flight attendant for green tea bags, and put them on ice… green tea is anti-inflammatory.

* Air on aeroplanes is recirculated from the engine! That’s all the more reason you want to protect your skin and use a barrier, so remember to always use a moisturiser. Pre-moistened wipes or microdermabrasion wipes are also good.

* Mist your face with mineral water. They sell those water spritzers; they are great! Some of them have a high concentration of selenium – it helps keep moisture in your skin.


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