Skincare with Tangent GC

New brand to Pond - Tangent GC Skincare

Thoughtfully conceived, Tangent GC was born from the fond reflection of an era where great value was placed on ensuring products were created with great care and consideration in an effort to stand the test of time.  The virtues of quality and careful craftsmanship are at the core of this beautiful new brand, conceived in Sweden and produced and bottled in France.


Tangent GC offers a superior range of organic skincare, not emanating from the chemical industry and staying true to it’s core value, offering one scent from one nature source for each of it’s range of products.  



Our favourites from the Tangent GC range are currently in-store at Pond now:


FIR TGC105 is a natural perfumed organic soap crafted from pure vegetable oils. The Siberian fir, native to Russia is highly regarded for it’s calming and relaxing properties. When pressed between your fingertips, the pine needles release a balsamic wood aroma as well as a resounding top note with crisp, fleeting pine which promotes balance and calm and is incredibly soothing on the skin.


SUGAR TGC107 is a naturally perfumed organic soap created from vegetable oils.  The sugar cane pulp exudes a lively musk accompanied by rounded notes of chestnut and fresh milk to maple syrup.  The scent is nurturing and reassuring. Much like the softness and comfort of a beautiful cashmere blanket, it offers the suggestion of solace and comfort whenever you need it.


TULIP TGC206 is a perfumed organic hand cream crafted with pure vegetable lipids.  The fragrance is that of a freshly-harvested bouquet of tulips, still cool from the outdoors with tightly-fitting petals and fresh stalks.  The formula is created from a range of natural ingredients ranging from shea butter, aloe vera leaf juice to rapeseed, olive and coconut oils.  It is completely free from water, petroleum based products, parabens and colour.  It is packaged in a convenient, fully-recyclable glossy aluminium tube.