POND Scented Candles


Pond is thrilled to announce the arrival of our next exclusive candle release for Spring - ‘Notti de Primavera’ or ‘Spring Nights’.

The process of development for the exquisite fragrances we select is meticulously considered and inspired by the desire to allow scent to enhance our everyday living spaces by adding that most beautiful dimension of scent.

Our new, limited release candle will evoke that feeling when we awake to the start of spring; warmer, longer days and spring blossoming around us after (what feels like) the long, hibernation of winter.  

Original Pond scent is the Lilly and Bamboo

Scented Candle Cylinder Small Black - Soy Wax Filled
Polish glassware - locally filled

Diameter:  Small D: 10cm H: 11cm

Medium: D: 21cm, H: 7cm

Large: D: 25cm, H8cm