Refining Cleanser



Introducing a new way to cleanse and exfoliate. Micro-exfoliating apricot gently refines skin, to decongest and smooth. Detoxifying charcoal reduces impurities and suppresses blemishes, and aloe vera hydrates and awakens fatigued skin. A multi-correctional essential to provide the perfect amount of exfoliation daily.



  • The Refining Cleanser was developed in pursuit of the perfect amount of exfoliation.
  • A daily cleanser that never needed the addition of a standalone exfoliator.
  • This blend of effective organic ingredients centers around the deeply purifying charcoal base and the sparse, super fine exfoliating granules that only lightly decongest the surface.
  • Complemented by dozens of nutrient-rich botanicals, anticipate a reduction in breakouts and even tone and texture with daily use.


Skin Type: Normal, Oily, Dull, Congested, Enlarged Pores.


How to Use:

Apply a nickel size amount to damp skin. Massage in circular motions before rinsing with cool water. For dry lips, use as a gentle scrub.